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North Wales Astronomy Society Welcomes You

About Us

North Wales Astronomy Society was founded in 2000 as a place for astronomy enthusiasts, both old and new, to come together and share their passion and excitement. We want to create a comfortable and considerate environment where everyone is free to contribute and enjoy. We welcome members from all ages and abilities and I hope you will find that we are all very welcoming.


Our activities have suspended until 2022

As a Society and a committee the decision was made to stop all social meetings (Observing night and lecture night and any outreach) until further notice. Our intentions are to try to continue an Online presence through our Facebook page and via E-mail updates to those who chose not to use Social Media. 

The decision was not taken lightly and even to date as we are out of lock downs as a Society we are chosing to proceed with caution. This is purely a precaution against infecting any of our members who may be vulnerable and to ensure the committee, the members and those from the Public are not caused any harm or risk. There is also matters of making sure that we are covered by appropriate insurances as a society. 

If you do know of any members who live on their own please try to keep in touch with them, kindness and telephone or internet contact can go a long way. Thankfully Astronomy doesn’t stop just because we can’t gather socially.

All paying memberships were cancelled at the start of the Pandemic as we could not justify members paying a fee for a service we are struggling to provide. 

Into the future we are hoping to pick activities up in the near future and we will review these again early 2022 with hope that we will be able to bring the Society back to its fun, social and friendly place that it was pre- pandemic. As a committee and I as Chair, have a lot of lessons to learn. We have all had to suffer a lot through the pandemic and each of us has been impacted in different ways. I am sure that there are positives to take  going into the future  and we can adapt as a society and use Technology more so to help us keep connected and aid with observations.  

Please look after yourselves and others, keep abreast of Government guidelines, and keep washing your hands

And of course, keep looking up!

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WE NEED A NEW VENUE FOR OBSERVING NIGHTS. We are currently scouting for new locations 

Lecture Nights 
Lecture nights are continuing where possible via Zoom. There are also many online astronomy lectures that have now become available. Please see our Facebook group for details, 

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